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Capoeira Cordão de Ouro Zurich / St. Gallen

The Group

Founded 2016 in Zurich, we are the first Cordão De Ouro (Portuguese for "the golden Belt") group in Switzerland. Capoeira CDO, worlds biggest capoeira association, advocates elegant & dynamic movements, energetic music and strong social aspects.


We, the Swiss Center for Capoeira - Cordão de Ouro, are a very international group, composed out of beginners and advanced Capoeiristas. Therefore we welcome everyone, regardless of background or capoeira experience. One thing is always sure-

sweating during training and getting reminded of it later by our muscles ;)


Along side our regular weekly trainings, we visit other workshops, events, shows and make sure we always have fun within our “2. Family” here in Zurich.


Curious to learn more about us? feel free to write us! see you soon ;) Axé!

Professor Boaz (Trainer)

"My path in the Capoeira world started over 20 years ago as a young boy. What started as a hobby soon became a passion.
This wonder martial art presents a recipe, which is hard to resist.


Nowadays as a certified Capoeira instructor i teach people of all ages with an experience of 15 years in several countries.
Along side the regular trainings i offer capoeira shows, workshops, special courses and more...


Being such a colourful and versified Art, visiting further advanced training regularly is essential for me as well, in order to discover the vast variety of aspects, Capoeira conceals in it. Nevertheless, at the end of the day it is all about sharing my passion with others...Capoeira :)

What are you waiting for? come by and try it out!"

Capoeira Masters

Cordão De Ouro (Portuguese for "the golden Belt") Zurich is a Swiss sports association and affiliates with

CDO Israel.

I started Capoeira with Master Joe (Noam) Pequeno.

Master Joe lives and teaches in the center of Israel, where he opened his first group over 20 years ago. Nowadays along side his groups Master Joe also serves as the head of the Israeli association for traditional Chinese medicine.

CDO Israel is led by the well respected Master Edan.

He is known for his modern versatile teaching methods and techniques, both for adults as well as for children & youth. Nowadays CDO Israel is the biggest Capoeira association in Israel with many thousands of members.

CDO Israel in terms is part of the international CDO Association. The CDO organisation world wide has its roots in Brazil, where it was founded over 50 years ago. The founder is a world wide known capoeira master- Mestre Suassuna.

At 80+ years of age, he still travels the world, teaching and practicing this magical Art called Capoeira.